American Fork Auto Repair Services


American Fork
Auto Repair Services


Diagnostic Services

When your car isn’t driving well, it sends messages to an onboard diagnostic system. We can read this system to determine a solution to the problem.


Battery & Electrical

Is your car starting slow? Are the lights dim? Then your battery is probably low on power! Let us measure the voltage to find out what your vehicle’s battery needs.


Air Conditioning & Heating

It’s important you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Make sure to get A/C & heating inspections to keep comfortable.


Brake Services

Squeaks or grinding noises are a sign that it’s time for a brake service. It’s important that you get your vehicle’s new or fixed brake pads.


Cooling System

Help your car keep its cool & ensure proper function by checking the coolant, water pump, antifreeze, thermostat & more.


Fluids & Flushing

Keeping your fluids up to date is an easy way to take care of your car and your wallet with lower maintenance costs.


Driveline Services

We can service drivelines for all 2WD, 4WD, and AWD vehicles, including differentials, driveshafts, & transfer cases.


Steering & Suspension

Is your steering wheel off-center or does the car bounce over bumps? Steering and suspension services can tackle the problem.


Tire & Wheel Repair

From fixing a flat to a whole new set, Tire Pros can take care of your tire needs with a wide range of options & trained staff.


Tire Rotation & Balancing

Tires last longer when they’re rotated and balanced. We offer multiple services or get it free with our Tire Protection Plan.


Wheel Alignment

Keep your car tracking straight with wheel alignments, tire balancing & rotations. Regular rotation & alignment helps extend the life of your tires.


Wiper Blades, Lights & Accessories

Remember engine and cabin air filter replacement, headlights and bulbs, and new wipers for your car when it’s time for service.


Emissions & Inspections

Need an emissions test or vehicle inspection? We perform state-mandated tests and get you back on the road if your car failed.


Oil Change & Filters

Oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine, and we offer a range of synthetic and conventional oils and filters to suit your needs.


Exhaust & Muffler

Keep your car breathing right with an exhaust system, muffler and catalytic converter service, replacement, and repair.


Vehicle Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance can help avoid costly repairs down the road by replacing worn-out parts before they become a problem.


Lift & Level Kits

Whether you’re looking for increased performance on the trails, a higher ride, or an eye-catching look, we can take your car to the next level.